Payroll HQ

Looking for Practical Headache-Free Solutions to Outsourcing Payroll?

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What does partnering with Payroll HQ look like?

We become your Payroll HQ

The solution completely removes the need for our Business Partners to retain payroll knowledge in-house, empowering our partners to focus on delivering results that align with the organisations' overall strategic and financial objectives.

Access to Exceptional Payroll Talent

The Payroll HQ Customer and Employee Experience is underpinned by a highly qualified team of payroll experts, qualified to a minimum standard of Certification IV in Payroll Administration. The Payroll HQ team is located on-shore and presents a wealth of knowledge covering Australian & New Zealand payroll legislation.

Risk Mitigation and Strategy

We understand that payroll is your reputation on the line every pay cycle. Through a robust risk management and governance framework, aligned with strategic thinking, Payroll HQ delivers a tangible impact on your bottom line and importantly provides certainty around compliance.

Partners for Today and Tomorrow

We are ready for new age workplaces. The Payroll HQ platform assists in automating and enhancing the employee experience, ensuring that our Business Partners are digitally switched on and ready to compete within evolving marketplaces.

The Payroll HQ Experience

When we started Payroll HQ our mission was to simply deliver payroll certainty through on-shore, qualified payroll talent who showcase a Customer First mindset.

At Payroll HQ we monitor the Customer Experience by a Voice of the Customer program. As part of the ongoing program, Payroll HQ obtained a Net Promoter Score of 64, ranking Payroll HQ within the Excellent Customer Service range.

"I love Payroll HQ - you guys changed my professional life."

ROSA YOON  //  Regional HR Lead Asics Australia & New Zealand

"We don't worry about payroll, and that's exactly how it should be."

RICHARD COPLEY  //  Founder of Rhino-Rack